Able Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Established in 1976 「Limitless Corporate」 focus on “mock up & working sample”by orders from the consumer electronics manufactures.

In 1978 renamed as 「Able Enterprise Co., Ltd.」. Most of our clients are the R&D department of the major electrical manufactures.

We create our own brand-“ABLE” in 1990. The first product line is electric screwdriver. Our clients are including the industries which use the screw drivers as tools.

In 2003, we launched brushless motors to product Brushless Electric Screwdriver. The Brushless Electric Screwdriver served for in the dust-free room in the factories or assembling the high-end products.

「ABLE」Brushless Electric Screwdriver has now officially entered mass production for sales and a complete series models of all kinds of small, medium and large torsions ranging from 0.2 to 50 kgf-cm are available.